Thursday, April 10, 2014

#5 - Anxious

I am not very good at not worrying... Just saying.

     I recently entered a song writing contest. I did not care whether I won or not until yesterday, the day I decided to dedicate any prize money towards one of my dearest teacher's retirement. Every time I post about it, I am terrified as to whether or not she will see my post. I do not wish her to know. It must be a total surprise. I also do not wish to go through all this only to lose.

     It is as if my insides are a bundled and twisted mess of anxious nerves. Everything within wants to win this thing. It is so possible. It could make such a difference. If God gave me the ability to write basic songs for any reason at all, this would be good enough for me!

To understand where I am coming from, here is the email I sent to my fellow students:

Hello you awesome Spanish students!
Operation Unicorn is a go. Now we need the funds. Here's the plan. 
I entered a song writing contest that is determined by the voters.

1st place is $500, 2nd is $100 and 3rd is $50. If I win, the funds will be dedicated towards Mrs. W and the ULA. Giving Mrs. W the best good bye ever will be more than possible!!

Will you help us out? All you need to do is vote for my song once a day every day until Monday afternoon.

30 seconds a day = a lifetime memory!

Here's the link:
Indi: Original Song - Original Song Challenge - Rachael Benedict
Original Song episode created by Rachael Benedict

Let's do this f​or Mrs. W! :D

In light of this, I will be praying like a maniac. Also I will be praising God while I am at too. He is so good. He has a purpose for all of this. At least in the end I can say I tried. God will take care of the rest. 
If you care to play a part in this unfolding story, please vote for my song. Make a difference in a teacher's life that made a difference in the lives of countless young people!

This is for you Mrs. W! 

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