Friday, November 1, 2013

#4 - On a more personal note..

A basketball game was the last place I would expect to feel my heart ache. 

Oh did it ache!

What is it with the heart? Why is it when we miss someone the most, that inevitable throbbing within you begins? 

Nothing can be done. 

You just sit there.....aching......wishing that someone understood your longing just to be with that one person.

So I was sitting at the basketball game soaking it all in. That and tweeting laughs along the way. It was a great game! There were some intense moments, but all in all it was going well. Basketball games are all about the game, but sometimes you got to fit in some people watching too. 

As I scanned the crowd, my eyes came across two friends sitting in the stands. They had graduated together and seemed to be good buds. They just sat there chatting and laughing. Apparently their conversation had crossed ridiculous highway, and the one girl couldn't help but just lean her forehead into her friend and laugh away! 

Insert heart aching here. 

Yep. That brought back memories. Oh the memories.

One of my favorite people this summer did that exact same thing to me. 

We'll call her Jo.

Everything possible could have gone wrong that day. Jo and I had a presentation to get ready for. Not happening. We were trying to get a file from her sister in another state via the internet. Time was against us. 
Jo's sister had just finished not even half an hour before the session that morning.  BUT she did send it! 
Just as she did, her computer SHUT DOWN. Then Jo sent it to me. Just as she did, her battery practically DIED! Then I got it and barely loaded JUST as the presentation for the lesson began. Talk about WACKY!!! 
The pure adrenaline rush of the moment was so overwhelming, all  Jo could do was lean in and laugh.

At this basketball game, that's what I saw. That one moment from that one summer that I missed incredibly. 
That was a good week. One of the best. Man, I miss it. Man, do I miss those peeps. 

Anyway, I'm just going to go back to my corner and let my heart finish up here. 

Night guys. <3

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