Sunday, September 29, 2013

# 3 - Stay in the Now

If there is one weakness I have, it is my inability to stay in the now.

My mind likes to take road trips everywhere. It will visit high school, my old home town, my summer ministry opportunities and then the future. Ah yes, the unknown potential-filled future. That is a fun one to play with for sure.
Who knows what is just around the river bend? Why live the safe route, ya know?

All of this detracts from the now. The reality that I have a test I have not studied for and assignments I have not done. I distracts from the sad fact that my money is dwindling while other financial demands or desires rise.

God is not interested in the past. He forgives and forgets.
In regards to the future, He has that in His hands.

So what is my job?
To serve Him in the now, the complete the task given me.
To refuse to do so is a sin. That's right. I'm sinning when I don't do what I now is right....right now.

These are my thoughts. This is my struggle.

But thankfully THIS IS MY GOD. The Look by Steve Pettit Evangelistic Team on Grooveshark

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